Terms & Conditions

Dear members!
The PokerAbility project is an online community and school to teach all its members how to make profit by playing poker. We are happy that you have chosen our resource for your personal and financial growth.
The following Terms and Conditions provide qualitative development of PokerAbility and promote the creation of friendly atmosphere of cooperation for all its members. Terms and Conditions apply to all the sections of the PokerAbility website and forum, as well as all the representatives of our community. Ignorance of the given Terms and Conditions is no defense from corresponding measures. Please be advised to study all these regulations to guarantee productive growth of our community.
1. General terms and recommendations
1.1. PokerAbility.net is established as an online school to teach all its members quality and profitable poker playing. By staying with us, you agree to the given Terms and Conditions.
1.2. The PokerAbility forum is postmoderated, i.e. messages are posted immediately, while their moderation takes place afterwards.
1.3. Moderators and Administrators maintain order at the forum. Their duty is to watch over the topics and forum sections assigned to them; they may edit, delete users’ messages, leave comments, penalize for violating forum Rules.
1.4. All messages reflect their authors’ opinions. The opinion of administrative staff may not coincide with that of an author. If you consider that certain messages or certain users’ behavoiur contradict these Terms and Conditions, you may inform us about it in a special forum section “Feedback” or by pressing the “Complain” button located after the message field. The administration of the resource will attend to the rest.
2. Restrictions and prohibitions
2.1. The forum and posts at PokerAbility.net exclude any flood! Flood is all messages that have nothing in common with the given topic or do not carry any useful information, as well as spam or advertisement of any kind.
2.2. Communication between the website and forum users of the PokerAbility.net English community is carried out in the English language only. It is allowed to use transliteration in exceptional cases only. It is allowed to use citations (for example, from correspondence with support) and special words and word combinations that refer to poker terminology.
2.3. It is prohibited to publish messages that contain links or other data that violate copyright; messages with queries or descriptions of software cracking; messages about purchase/sale, money loans or presents, charity requests, racist and far-right utterances, as well as stirring enmity between peoples.
2.4. The writing of users’ nicknames, topics and messages excludes rude words and expressions. This rule is absolute, and users who violate it may suffer serious penalties, up to a lifetime ban from the PokerAbility website and forum with blocking of their accounts. A user’s account can also be blocked if he keeps on violating the rules and does not react to warnings.
2.5. It is recommended that users send their contact details (skype, e-mail, etc.) to another certain user via a message in the user’s personal profile in case they wish to continue communication/correspondence with him.
3. User’s nickname (‘nick’, ‘nickname’) and profile details. 
3.1. Your nickname is your individuality. If you become a regular forum user, it may be your name card, which tells about you and your level. In order to have no regret that you are named so, choose an original nickname (within the given regulations and common sense). In addition, your virtual name can be your real name. It is up to you. It will be impossible to change your nickname later on.
3.2. It is prohibited to register nicknames that contain:
- rude, offensive or vulgar expressions and images;
- any contact details: telephone numbers, website addresses, e-mails, etc., as well as combinations of symbols that can be treated as such data;
- obvious or hidden advertising.
4. Avatar.
4.1. Try to use original images. If you choose an avatar, identical to another user’s avatar, especially if it is unique, you can be confused with somebody else.
4.2. It is prohibited to use an avatar that contains:
- rude, offensive or vulgar expressions and images;
- any contact details: telephone numbers, website addresses, e-mails, etc., as well as combinations of symbols that can be treated as such data;
- obvious or hidden advertising;
- any codes (for example, QR-codes).
5. Signature and status.
5.1. It is prohibited to use signatures and statuses that contain:
- more than 3 lines;
- obvious or hidden advertising;
- font that is bigger than normal (it is allowed to use fonts of different colours and a special tag font)
- any graphic images;
- any contact details: telephone numbers, website addresses (including link constrictors), e-mail, as well as combinations of symbols that can be regarded as such data;
- "special tags" (tags that are absent in the standard form of a ‘quick reply’), "spoilers", tags of coding, citation, lists, hidden text, modification of font size.
6. General rules of creating topics and messages.
6.1. Before creating a new topic or message, it is necessary to study the rules listed in this section. 6.2. The title of the topic must be maximally informative so that other users can get a rough idea of your problem from it. Leave a detailed description of your problem in the body of the message.
6.3. Do not rush while creating a topic. It is quite probable that your question has been discussed before. Use a search engine and run a sequential search with several suitable key words.
6.4. It is prohibited to duplicate messages and topics. If you have created a topic in the wrong section of the forum (or realized the wrong choice of it), do not create analogic topics or messages in another section. Contact our moderator and he will transfer your topic or message to the right section.
6.5. While posting an answer to the existing topic, try to formulate your question of reply so that it will be clear to other forum members.
6.6. Messages that contain grammar and/or syntactic mistakes can induce a negative reaction from other forum members. Try to be literate while writing.
6.7. It is prohibited to provoke conflict, as well as react to provocation. If you think that somebody insulted you (abased you or otherwise violated your rights and forum Rules), inform a Moderator about this fact. He will take necessary measures in relation to the abuser.
7. Statuses and users’ groups.
7.1. Users who have registered at PokerAbility.net receive a certain status, which depends on the number of assigned and completed tasks.
Users’ statuses:
7.1.1. Newbie
7.1.2. Journeyman
7.1.3. Learner
7.1.4. Elder
7.1.5. Expert
7.1.6. Master
7.1.7. Grandmaster
7.1.8. Bloggers
7.1.9. Beta-testers
7.2. Forum’s administrative board:
7.2.1. Moderators
7.2.2. Administrators
7.2.3. Hand evaluators
7.2.5. Super moderators
8. Acceptance of the Rules
9.1. By using the PokerAbility website and forum, you agree to the current Terms and Conditions.
9.2. All suggestions, remarks and comments that concern the performance of the website and forum can be posted in the forum’s thread “Feedback” or sent via email to: support@pokerability.net