Advantages of the poker room
  • Internal fixed cashback in the room 30% + reload bonuses
    Regardless of the amount of generated rake, you will get 30% cashback in the room.
  • First deposit bonus 100% up to €1000
    Make your first deposit and get the amount of bonus equal to it, up to €1000. Don’t forget to enter one of the bonus codes while making your first deposit. You can find the bonus codes below!
  • Freerolls for new players during 6 weeks after the first deposit.
    After making your first deposit, you will have an opportunity to participate in Freerolls with €1000 and €500 guaranteed funds with an insanely weak playing field.
  • Reload bonuses give extra cashback
    Reload bonuses give extra cashback. After registering at PokerAbility, you have an opportunity to get reload bonuses, once you claim the full value of you first deposit bonus. Reload bonuses give additional cashback and significantly increase your overall cashback in the room. Send a request for a reload bonus to our forum, and you will receive it at your account within 48 hours after making a deposit.
  • Weak playing field and lots of fish players at stakes up to NL5000
    BetSafe poker room belongs to Microgaming network, famous for its weak European players, both at micro and low stakes, and presence of expensive play with fish players at NL1000-NL5000.
  • BadBeat Jackpot at cash tables!
    If you play NL20 or higher, you have an opportunity to participate in BadBeat Jackpot. If you lose with four of a kind or better to a stronger hand, you will get 40% of the current Jackpot. The winner will get 20%, while the players who were present at the moment of badbeat will get 10% of the prize funds. More about this offer
Extra pluses
  • Monthly VIP Freeroll €20000
    Every person who plays with PokerAbility tracking has an opportunity to take part in special freerolls with €20000 guaranteed funds! The more rake you generate during a month, the higher stack you will get at the beginning of the tournament. Tournament schedule is given in a special topic in the section BetSafe.
  • Free HUD for Hand2Note
    To get it, you need to
    1) Leave a request in this topic
    2) Write to us in skype: zallyalexandra and send our manager a request in this topic, as well as a printscreen showing your nickname at our website and that you have logged in to PokerAbility.
  • Free pop-ups for HM2
    To get pop-ups, you need to confirm the registration in the poker room and then contact our manager in skype: SupportPA2, using this form:
    1. Your nickname at our website
    2. Your nickname in the poker room
    3. Poker room
  • Free statistics pack for NoteCaddy
    To get this pack, you need to 1) Play in one of our partner rooms 2) Send us a query to get a HUD via skype: PA NoteCaddy 3) Send us your HM license key to track it to NoteCaddy pack
  • Free comfortable layout
    Download a layout in the dedicated forum thread.

Чтобы зарегистрироваться в руме с привязкой к PokerAbility, сделайте следующее:

1. Введите свой e-mail и получите инструкцию по регистрации
2. Пройдите регистрацию, выполняя все пункты инструкции
3. После регистрации введите свой логин и нажмите "Сохранить"

Внимание! Граждане Российской Федерации не могут получить доступ к ряду покер-румов в соответствии с требованиями РосКомНадзора.

The company BetSafe has been working in the market of gambling since January 2006. It is a part of Swedish group of Betsson companies which in addition to the company of the same name includes Triobet. Until 2012, BetSafe Poker was also a part of Ongame network, however, a crisis of the latest and several changes of ownership have led to the transition of BetSafe to Microgaming. Furthermore, the ranks with Ongame were not broken and BetSafe Poker remained one of the first multi-rooms. But the next resale and rebranding of Ongame network forced BetSafe to leave this company in March 29 2016.

BetSafe Poker is the leading room of Microgaming network. In more recent times, it actively develops, increases its traffic and is among the Top-10 at the moment ranking the 8th place (below you can find detailed analysis of traffic). A number of measures undertaken in recent years such as establishment of anonymous tables, a system of achievements and rewards and the possibility to change a username enabled to engage and retain a great number of poor players.

The rake rate is usually 5% but it is charged of 1 per cent each 20 cents of a pot. 

An “unclear” system of rake charge True Value was introduced in July 1 2012. A new system of rake charge is based on a formula which takes into consideration the sum of bet money, activity of a player and the ratio of benefits and losses. As well as putting money into the pot, there are also additional parameters. You can find the differences from other systems in a chain “network – operator (room) – affiliate”. A player thinks it is a common system and the rake is taken under weighted contributed.

Since early March 2016, a rake in turbo and super-turbo SnG tournaments was lowered from 10% to 6-8% in BetSafe as well as in Microgaming. And it was increased in DONs that put paid to this format.

A client soft was designed in black and red colors. It supports the work of trackers. You can buy mining in a network. Some defects of gaming table visual design may be lowered by free layouts.


1. Cashback in a poker-room.

The calculation of Loyalty Points is carried automatically for 10 player points per each $1/€1 of a rake. The percent of cashback depends on your VIP-level which can be identified by a minimal number of points scored per month. According to BetSafe Poker Loyalty System, a maximum cashback is 30% but it is available to all players who make over $/€300 of rake per month. All players of PokerAbility will get 30% of cashback inside a room regardless of the amount of rake.

3. Room Promotions

You will get a bonus for the first purchase up to €1000. Its size depends on the size of purchase and is determined by bonus-code which you enter in a cash desk (it is better to enter your purchase via a room site).

It is charged by parts as is clear from an image according to the set rake. This bonus is 20% of rake return. The validity period is 60 days.

Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot is played at special tables from NL20 limit. Before sitting at the table, you should agree to participate in a draw and, therefore, to additional charge from each pot in favor of it prize fund. A hand of four deuces must loose and both pocket cards should take part in combination.

10.000 Monthly Sit n Go Challenge. This promotion is look like the Battle of the Planets. You should play the best cycle of 10 SnG tournaments within one month. The prize races are divided into levels under SnG buy-ins: up to €5, from €5 to €9.9, from €10 to €29.9 and from €30 and higher. After receiving a prize you will also get some ranking points. Only SnGs marked with “P” in a poker client participate in a promotion. Hands-up and DON SnG are not taken into account.

It is obligatory to register in a promotion. Enter your account (My Account) in the top menu of a client – SnG Challenge and press the button Opt in. You can register only once. You can find the current promotion leaderboard in “My Account” – SnG Challenge. The amount of set tournaments is not so important. The best SnG will be counted.


4. The traffic of cash games

Morning: nl2-nl1000

Afternoon: nl2-nl4nl10-nl1000

Evening: nl2-nl4nl10-nl20nl50-nl1000

5. Advantages of poker-room.

- An excellent traffic in cash games the whole day during a week.

- A good cashback with a bonus for the first purchase which gives 30% of rake return (BetSafe Poker constantly organizes promotions that increase the percent of returns for players who have set a bonus for the first purchase).

- A poor ground of players and availability of anonymous tables.

- Quite good soft that supports trackers with customization. 

6. Registration

Follow our instructions and you need not enter any promo-code.

7. I/O of funds

BetSafe Poker supports all modern payment systems except Kiwi and Webmoney. A process of payment is effectively handled if your account is verified. The output terms depend on a payment system you use and last from several hours on Skrill to a week on a plastic card.


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